This is the time of year when the “magic” happens. I call it “magic” because it amazes me that time after time you guys don’t purchase weave that is similar to your texture. I wear weave maybe twice a year and I always go for a texture that matches mine the most. So my question is what exactly are you protecting? If you are burning it out by over pressing and curling you not protecting your hair you are damaging it. I notice heat damage the most around the face. Ask me why? Because you only care about what you see in the mirror. If it looks good in the mirror you consider yourself on fleek meanwhile your hair is in the fleeking sink. Do better ladies…consult with a professional and figure out the best texture and the best method so that once you come out of the weave you still have some hair.

I have had this conversation so many times with my clients. DON’T GIVE UP. My first piece of advice is don’t transition alone. Having a professional on your team can really be your saving grace. It never fails around that 6th month it because the hardest. You have a noticeable texture change around this time. AND you are not “natural” yet. Bantu knots and those cute twist out styles you see on social media are not for you….BACK AWAY FROM YOUTUBE. 1. Ask yourself if you are committed? You have to be ready for change. Change in products, change in routine, you may need weekly visits to the salon instead of bi-weekly or monthly, change in texture, even sometimes you may need to change stylist. 2. Trim often! 3. Minimum heat. 4. Use leave in conditioner. 5. Keep a hair journal get to know your hair. As you try products be mindful of what works. Or log you salon visits. Your hair is not like your cousins. Honestly out of 10+ years of doing hair I have not came across anyone with my texture.



How often do you visit the salon?

  1. Once a week
  2. Twice a week
  3. Once a month
  4. Quarterly

Do you own at home maintenance products?

  1. Silk drops
  2. Color Shampoo and Conditioner

What is your nighttime regimen?

  1. Pin Curls w/scarf or bonnet
  2. Wrap w/scarf or bonnet
  3. Just go to sleep on cotton pillow case
  4. Just go to sleep on satin pillow case

How often do you get your ends trimmed?

  1. Never
  2. When my stylist recommends it
  3. 6-8 on the dot
  4. Only when you have hair emergencies

After asking yourself all those questions, do you think you are a candidate for hair color? Of course every lady that gets bored with her look thinks in that moment that she is the perfect candidate. I know that for a fact!!!! I recently did a post on Facebook looking to give someone a hair make over and they had the option of color, cut, or both. Don’t you know almost everyone wanted color. Which is what I expected but what got me was the explanation that came with why they wanted it. Some wanted it because it was free, some wanted because they follow my work on social media and loved it, some were moms that just wanted a pick me up, and some just wanted it because of the seasons changing. So the researcher that I am went through some of their Facebook pictures to see if I could get a since of lifestyle, and any recent of their current hairstyles and I noticed that most of the ladies didn’t have regular salon visits. Life takes turns along with ups and downs that keep some women from visiting the salon often BUT color is a no no for someone that sits in my chair that doesn’t have the time for maintenance. I require at least 6 appointments before I even consider color for new clients. Color is a big money maker in the beauty industry but my name and brand is just as important as my tax bracket.

Fall is here today is day one! You will be tempted but be real with your self and do a honest self evaluation about your commitment to healthy hair and then consider color and beware of stylist that will color your hair on the first appointment it rarely goes right for the client or stylist.