Scalp Treatments


Look at you trying to be cute with your good clothes on. Really it aint that cute when your scalp is dry and you got flakes all on your good black. I won’t mention a lot of products unless it is in exchange for American Currency but there are a few ingredients and techniques that I will refer to that I love in the products that I use in the salon for scalp treatments.

Before I mention those, I do want to bring your attention to product usage. It makes no since to use a dry and itchy scalp shampoo or oil that never reaches your scalp. So many of you are guilty of placing product on your hair before you put it on your scalp.


  • Rosmary-soothing and increases the circulation of the scalp
  • Apple Cider Vinegar- cleansing, anti inflammatory, anti fungal
  • Tea Tree- anti fungal, anti inflammatory
  • Peppermint- soothing, anti fungal

A few TIPS:

  • In the salon I have my scalp stimulating shampoo that I use for dry and itchy scalp in a processing bottle. You can purchase one at the beauty supply store. I like to use my in there because it is a guarantee that the product goes directly on the scalp.
  • Sometimes I place the shampoo in a color bowl and use my color brush to place the scalp treatment directly unto the scalp and use the bristle on the color brush to exfoliate the scalp.
  • Stop scratching up the dandruff with a comb. That can do more damage than good.

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