Flat Iron

As many of you know I specialize in minimum chemical usage in the salon. My speciality is color and blow outs (ceramic fusion). Although my clients don’t have relaxers majority of them wear their hair straight more often than textured so flat iron use is very important.

Types of Flat Irons

  • Ceramic
  • Titanium
  • Tourmaline

I remember when the industry really started pushing the use of Ceramic Flatirons a representative would come in the salon, offering us a “deal” and new information about what was new or upcoming. The irons that were 100% ceramic were running at least $300 at the time and still are for some of the ore popular. In my demographic the stylist were really skeptical because we were using the hot stove with the marcel irons so wrapping our minds around change didn’t happen that fast. So then we were introduced to Ceramic plated irons. Ceramic plated irons promised a smooth finish for a lower price but they are literally just that COATED. The metal plates are still present underneath.

Tourmaline irons are really popular as well. Tourmaline is a gemstone or mineral grounded up and used to cover the plates.

Nano Technology is another type you may see a lot and they only consist of tiny particles of ceramic.

Infrared Cermaic Irons have a very low level of ceramic in the iron.

Titanium Irons have become really popular because of how fast they heat up and the consistency of the shine and smoothness of the hair.

In the salon I use a mixture of Ceramic and Titanium depending on the texture and the density of the hair.  I DO NOT suggest titanium for home use. You just run to big of a risk for heat damage.



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