Don’t Give Up

I have had this conversation so many times with my clients. DON’T GIVE UP. My first piece of advice is don’t transition alone. Having a professional on your team can really be your saving grace. It never fails around that 6th month it because the hardest. You have a noticeable texture change around this time. AND you are not “natural” yet. Bantu knots and those cute twist out styles you see on social media are not for you….BACK AWAY FROM YOUTUBE. 1. Ask yourself if you are committed? You have to be ready for change. Change in products, change in routine, you may need weekly visits to the salon instead of bi-weekly or monthly, change in texture, even sometimes you may need to change stylist. 2. Trim often! 3. Minimum heat. 4. Use leave in conditioner. 5. Keep a hair journal get to know your hair. As you try products be mindful of what works. Or log you salon visits. Your hair is not like your cousins. Honestly out of 10+ years of doing hair I have not came across anyone with my texture.


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