Who Is Andy G?

Andy G  is a make up artist, hairstylist, salon owner, and writer/blogger. She is full of passion and creativity and eager to share.


Andrea has always been very passionate about the beauty industry.

She worked in a hair salon afterschool as a shampoo assistant where she learned that the beauty industry was where she belonged. She begin her professional training at

Empire Beauty School located in Dunwoody, GA. After the completion of beauty school, she begin her journey in the mastering of color, styling, cutting, and hair using different techniques for different hair types and textures. Andrea believes in continuing education and strives to expand her knowledge for her clientele.
She has coined the phrase “Healthy Hair is Pretty Hair”. She currently specializes in minimum chemical usage while building the health of the hair strand through moisture and balanced hair care.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” Pablo Picasso.

And that is what Andrea does. During consultation she listens to her clients needs and concerns and in that moment the trust is built and a plan for the end result. Optimum Hair Care, bring Optimum Results.

While attending Georgia Perimeter College and later graduating with an Associate Degree in Business Administration she learned proper team building, research, communication, and branding. Those same skills have followed her in the beauty industry and set her apart. Her clients are her team members.

Owner of The Beverly Salon in Hapeville, Ga.


Andrea has always never been okay with fitting in. At a fairly young age she found her love for fashion. Naturally inspired by color, texture, and originality. Like who decides to not go to prom because you don’t feel like there are enough options??? Well that was her. She entered the beauty industry as a teenager and watched women come in the salon with the hopes of customizing their looks from head to toe. Being excited about trends and what’s next has inspired her “passion for fashion”. NOT AN EXPERT but she is what most call a FASHIONISTA.


Andrea is fascinated with FACTS & OPINIONS. Sharing a piece of her heart from her NOTEBOOK to her MACBOOK.