Blonde Ambition


Blonde: 1. Fair 2. Fair-haired and light-skinned 3. Light colored 4. Bleach

Ambition: A strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work


So ambition is one of those words I just knew what it meant but I have never looked it up. I really like that use of the word paired with Blonde. Reason being is because blonde hair is something that is highly requested amongst my clientele. If I had to toot my own horn I will say I do give a good blonde but sheesh, its hard work!

I am actually traveling today and one of my favorite places to people watch is the airport. People are everywhere you turn but today more than ever I have seen so many ladies with blonde hair and it begin to spark my interest about the different shades of blonde and how they are interpreted. I decided to search different names of blonde and I came across that listed 42 shades of blonde.

  1. Icy White Blonde
  2. Silver Blonde
  3. Opalescent Blonde
  4. Champagne Blonde
  5. Cream Soda Blonde
  6. White Blonde
  7. Creamy Blonde
  8. Golden Platinum Blonde
  9. Buttermilk Blonde
  10. Buttermilk Blonde
  11. Yellowish Platinum Blonde
  12. Golden Bright Blonde
  13. Ashy Blonde
  14. Muted Strawberry Blonde
  15. Light Copper Blonde
  16. Fiery Blonde
  17. Caramel Blonde
  18. Blonde Brownish Blonde
  19. Black Blonde
  20. Light Brown Blonde
  21. Dark Ashy Blonde
  22. Brunette Blonde
  23. Rooty Blonde
  24. Sandy Blonde
  25. Baby Blonde
  26. Chestnut Blonde
  27. Icy Highlights Blonde
  28. Beach Blonde
  29. Neutral Blonde
  30. Brushed on Bright Blonde
  31. Frosted Tips Blonde
  32. Golden Dirty Blonde
  33. Light Strawberry Blonde
  34. Rose Gold Blonde
  35. Blorange Blonde
  36. Gingery Blonde
  37. Fair Amber Blonde
  38. Chocolate Blonde
  39. Café Au Lait Blone
  40. Honey Eyed Blonde
  41. Golden Blonde
  42. LOL clearly I missed one in my notes but you get the point.

Seems overwhelming but it really depends on where you start. The bulk of my clientele starts somewhere between a Level 1 to Level 4 on the color chart and depending on the health of the hair I can usually reach a level 6-8 in on application. Getting to that perfect shade can be tedious but so rewarding. Also just for information everyone different undertones naturally so although you may desire pale blonde your undertone can hinder the chances of reaching it. To wrap this up if you desire to go blonde starting in the browns tones and tiptoeing in the blondes is really safe route. It will prepare you for the maintenance that will come with being a blonde. Investing in color shampoos and conditioners for you hair is important as well. Stay on top of your trims. Use less heat for styling and seek a PROFESSIONAL.




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