Salon Etiquette


I personally think that salon etiquette has gone out of style. Mainly because it’s only a hand full of people that still even respect the salon. A lot of kitchenticians, built out basement salons, and salon suites going on in the industry right now. So once people start back coming to a structured salon, etiquette is the last thing on their mind.


  1. It’s really rude to sit in another stylist station. That person pays a weekly fee to run their business from that space. So they are responsible for anything that goes on there. Example: You sit done and have a pen in your pocket and then the fabric in the chair is punctured. Well when the owner sees that they are going to take it up with the stylist is assigned to that chair.
  2. Ma’am you cannot bring your WEN products in and ask the stylist to use them and be offended when they say no. If your stylist offers a signature service they can not guarantee the same results with unfamiliar products. Plus, a shampoo and conditioner all in one is strange anyway.
  3. Turn your ringer off on your devices.
  4. Minimum conversation should happen at the shampoo bowl. It is the one area in the salon that is designated for relaxation. SHHHHHH
  5. Send a text or call if you will be running behind. Although there is a grace period. Don’t assume.
  6. Book in advance. If you know your birthday, graduation dinner, and cousin wedding coming up. The stylist shouldn’t have be panicked to fit you in and you knew about those dates in advance.
  7. Respect the stylist. We go through hours of training, continuing education is a requirement, and most of us love what we do. We miss out of important functions sometimes just to make sure you look nice at your “important function”.
  8. Charge your phone before coming to the salon. We are using all our plugs and can’t give up an outlet for your phone.
  9. Please wait in the waiting area don’t just start roaming around. Where are you going?
  10. Be specific! When booking your appointment there is only a certain amount of time allotted for that service. So if you book for a twist set and get to the salon and change your mind and now you want a sew in. C’MON ma’am! There is no way that stylist can accommodate you.


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  1. September 4, 2016 / 1:56 am

    Way to use the internet to help people solve prolebms!

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