So today is Tuesday so that means #hairtiptuesdaybyAG! With the hope of not rambling week after week I take notes and do research often and I plan these blog post monthly. (INSERTS CLAPS HERE) This week my topic is PROTECTIVE STYLES…but it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t ask you what exactly are you protecting.

So some of the top 7 protective styles are:

  1. Twist with Extensions
  2. Faux Locs
  3. Cornrows
  4. Box Braids
  5. Crochet
  6. Wigs
  7. Sew In

I know. I know. You love to give your hair a break. Well I do to but I am very strategic about my “protective styles”. I typically wear braids from November- January. Mainly because this is a busy time of year for me due to the holidays, clients who wait to wear their hair when it gets cooler, fall color is also really popular around this time. I’m one of those stylist who know that my image is a big part of my branding so I can’t risk looking crazy. I shampoo my hair weekly or bi weekly PERIOD. Scalp Stimulation is very important for growth and I always ask my clients why would you get these protective styles and still not take care of your hair. It’s no point if you going to set your self back. On top of shampooing I use castor oil daily on my braid styles. I use it on my scalp and the actual braids because I don’t want my ends to dramatically split and I end up having to get a hair cut after I take them out. The same with sew ins, I suggest shampooing regularly and using leave in conditioner (in a spray bottle) on your braids underneath your weave. I have never worn a wig but I suggest the same: cleanse and condition your scalp. Follow up with a good leave in and some type of oil barrier around your hairline so that the rubbing of the net doesn’t break your hair.

Protective Style Pre Game:

  1. Shampoo
  2. Condition (Strengthening or Moisturizing)
  3. Healthy Trim
  4. Fluffy Blow Dry (texture is important, it keeps the braider from braiding to tight)

If you considering a protective style:



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