Color Balancing

So imagine this you wake up one morning put your best clothes on, your favorite pair of shoes, accessories, and on the way out the door you grab your purse. Then you remember while you were looking in the mirror you hair color that you paid 100+ dollars for is not so fabulous anymore. It has begun to fade and you see a few more strands on your clothes lately. So now your image and confidence that you had when you left the house this morning has changed. Isn’t it crazy how that one little thing can just put a damper on your day. Well if you are anything like me if my hair not right I really don’t feel that cute.

Well don’t blame your colorist if you don’t have proper understanding on how to maintain your hair color at home. Here are some things that I share with my clients:

  1. Purchase a filter. They sell them for the showerhead and sink faucets.
  2. Use shampoo that is not harsh on your hair. Color Shampoo is available for blonde hair, red, and brown.
  3. It protects the strand but also know that too much protein will break your hair
  4. Ask your stylist about a color gloss. It will enhance and refresh the color that you already have.
  5. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! Dry hair is just not able to progress and will break .



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    You’ve imesrsepd us all with that posting!

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