Naturals Textures and Straight Ends

It has become more and more common that I have a client to come visit me in the salon and raise the question : Is there anyway that I can get my straight ends to go back curly? I am NOT a magician but I try to be very thorough in conversation and make sure that I GET TO THE BOTTOM OF IT, because these straight ends didn’t just appear nor did they grow from your scalp. The placement of the straight pieces usually tell it all.
Observation #1 Have you ever had a sew in and left a small portion of your hair out along with your edges? What usually happens is that the client feels the need to use more heat to make their natural hair blend with the silky texture of weave that they have chosen which is self inflicted heat damage.  When wearing weave it is very important to chose hair that matches your texture but that is a totally different topic.
Observation #2 How often do you curl your hair? Usually what happens when your curl your hair everyday it is very damaging to your hair which causes weak strands  that eventually breaks the curl down. I have seen in some cases that one side is straighter than the other because that is the side that the client is most comfortable with.
Observation #3 Do you do any home maintenance? For whatever reasons that may come up some clients are doing their hair at home. As a stylist with loads of experience it is still very hard for me to blow dry my own hair but I still proceed with caution. When improperly blow drying your hair you can over stretch the hair which adds unnecessary  tension and eventually breaks the curl as well.
Observation #3 I don’t even do my own hair, I have been going to a stylist that said she specializes in natural hair. Find you a healthy hair care profession that specializes in natural hair care and  who are willing to establish a relationship with. I have had new clients visit me and say,” I seen my co worker hair and when you do it its beautiful but when she wet her hair its still curly. I pride myself in maintaining natural texture and if I begin to see a difference from heat I will suggest heat free styles.
In summary, if you have completely transitioned straight ends should be a thing of the past. Once the texture is compromised it may have to be trimmed or cut. Although there are some services that I offer that can help your curls to bounce back but that comes with commitment. Commit to having the best hair!
“Pretty hair is healthy hair!”

How to Communicate With Your Stylist

The communication between to the client and stylist is so important. Through observation and experience I have found that there are two types of clients that exist. One that has no idea what they want, what looks good on them, and has 1000 reasons not to try anything different. The other client is one that is a lot more versatile and takes pride in “switching it up”. During my consultation I ask a lot of questions some related to hair and some related to your personal life. I am very scared of clients who love their natural color hair then ask to go platinum blonde. As a matter of fact that freaks me! It usually says to me that something dramatic has happened and hair has to be the one to feel it.
If you are going natural from a 20 yr. relaxer experience, I ask questions like: What made you decide to go natural? Did you recently have a bad relaxer or salon experience? How is your maintenance or commitment to your hair?
If a client walk in with jet black hair and want to go lighter I ask if that is their natural hair color and if not when was the last color application you had? First of all I do not color first time visits, and I am very firm on that. I have chose to not do those services because I don’t have a relationship with the hair and everything may not be exposed during the consultation, sometimes it takes a while. I highly recommend you tell the truth! If your hair was died black 6 months ago, guess what it is STILL black it may fade but there is still some pigment there lingering which may have to removed before you can move forward.
Then their is that client that comes frequent but can’t retain length and can’t keep the natural shine . During conversation with this client I usually find out that this client doesn’t cover the hair at night, doesn’t wrap or pin curl, and sometimes they not even combing or brushing your hair. Also dry hair doesn’t grow and moisture is very important. (Ask me about the benefits of the Hair Steamer)
When you would like to try a new look: Come to your stylist with picture references. My stylist will be prepared with a color book but understand the hair that is used to show the pigment of the color is typically white hair.  What one person may call a cornrow another may call a french braid.  Also, be realistic. If you bring a picture of  a swoop bang and your hair isn’t full enough, come with some extensions in tow. The style is not always impossible but it can be modified. I said something right there: THE STYLE IS NOT ALWAYS IMPOSSIBLE BUT IT CAN BE MODIFIED!
Do you experience dry scalp? I have had many clients come in with this issue and some of things require medication from a dermatologist.This is when I ask about your water intake, how often you eat bread, and sometimes I even ask  you about past experiences with eczema flair ups . Flakes are not always “dandruff” sometimes it just ash…lol!

I Love My Denman Brush

I was introduced to the denman brush in 2003 when I begin beauty school and 12 years later it still the only brush I use on wet hair. Not until recently has this brush been introduced to “regular” population. On a everyday bases I use this brush for blow drying with only using a corner of my brush. It’s gives me good control of the hair, exposing the shine, and smoothing out the texture preparing it for silking. For my personal use I use it in the shower to detangle and set/style my curly hair